b Five Mountains specializes in Heirloom OrganicTM Tea, promoting biodiverse growing and time-honored crafting methods. These heirloom tea cultivars are renowned for their quality, flavor profiles and health effects. Each tea is sustainably harvested from gardens of their native origin to fully express their variety and terroir. Five Mountains’ traditional tea craft is rooted in a history with the tea cultures of East Asia’s tea mountains and monasteries. 

With an understanding of tea and it’s place in our environment, Five Mountains is a pioneer of both responsible practices and innovative solutions. International organic certifications, ecological regenerative forestry, and biodegradable/compostable packaging are among the ways used to support this carbon neutral methodology.


Origins of Five Mountains

5 tea mountains are recognized as the birthplace of tea, ancient prehistoric tea forests in the heart of Southeast Asia, stretching across river valleys from mountains to lowlands. These tea forests have been growing wild here before that last ice age. They have been cared for, wild craft harvested and cultivated by native tribes for well over 3,000 years. Temples from this region are and have always been an important part in local culture apart from just spirituality, acting as an apothecary and nursery with herbs for health and spiritual practice. Monastics embraced tea and found its simple nature, taste and medicinal effects harmonized with their lifestyle. They became legendary for growing and crafting tea and promoting tea culture from their mountain hermitages and on sojourns.


Stone Cave Daoist Temple (note the large camellia tea in front of the temple), Lin'Cang



House of Five Mountains

Living in Asia's mountain monasteries was our first taste of this sacred tea tradition. As monks, drinking tea became an integral part of our lives. The great appreciation we gained for this remarkable craft during our years of study and practice developed into close relationships with tea farmers, artisans, monks, scholars, and other specialists in the tea traditions. In the early 1990's this group formed the idea to have liaison in the West to provide heirloom organic tea varieties(cultivars, varietals). The common goal is to share the fruit of heirloom and traditional tea tree varieties that are being choked out by industrial farming hybrids, and to demystify the seemingly esoteric nature of tea. We offer our accumulated knowledge to enlighten the tea novice and enthusiast alike.

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Wu Shan to the Bay





Heirloom OrganicTM Tea

Legendary Varietals | Internationally Certified


Five Mountains Teas are certified organic in the USA, the EU, Japan and China. The teas are Virgin Rainforest Heirloom varietals, bio-diversely grown and sustainably harvested from some of the oldest tea-producing mountains in the world. They are renowned for their distinctive flavors and heightened health JadeLilyLeaf1a1a1abenefits resulting from their broader limbs, deeper reaching roots and fertile, native soil. These teas are hand harvested, crafted with ultra-traditional techniques and vacuum sealed at the source, maximizing freshness, so they may fully express the nuanced characteristics of their terroir.

Five Mountains’ Virgin Rainforest Heirloom varietal teas contain some of the highest antioxidant activity levels of all tea varietals due to their unique genetics and rare ecosystem. Our large leaf tea species are higher in polyphenol content by 5-7%, catechin 30-60% and water-soluble substances 3-5% than their small leaf counterparts. To ensure that you extract their complete health benefits, it is necessary to freshly brew your own whole leaf tea. Doing so also helps you avoid the sugars, additives and degraded antioxidant levels of industrial processed tea bags and bottled teas.

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Biodegradable & Home Compostable Packaging


In Five Mountains' efforts to become a carbon negative company we co-created the first biodegradable and home compostable high barrier sealable whole leaf tea packaging, not made from GMO corn but rather FSC certified sustainable wood pulp. This packaging will naturally break down in a few months and return to the earth.





5 Mountains Designs Tea-ware & Drink-ware


We design and create functional and elegant tea-ware and drink-ware. As tea specialists, we have brewed tea in almostBoroglass1a1a every device imaginable and have found that in capturing a tea’s full characteristics, double walled (or jacketed) borosilicate glass combined with our designs, outperforms all other alternatives. Borosilicate is an eco-thermal glass commonly used in laboratories and lamp-work. More on boro-glass and our catalog of wares

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Health & the Chemistry of Tea


The health benefits of whole leaf tea make it exceptionally cleansing and healing in nature. Tea is naturally verypxCatechin1a1a rich in thearubigins (theaflavins) and EGCG (catechins), both powerful polyphenolic antioxidants. Extensive research has shown these antioxidants to be effective at eliminating free radicals, combating cancers, strokes, heart disease, high cholesterol, type II diabetes and high blood pressure. Furthermore, tea is thought to significantly contribute to weight loss, digestion, vitality, awareness, oral health, immune system health, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, and detoxification.* Tea also contains theanine, an amino acid which has a calming effect, thereby countering the nerve agitation and sudden fatigue commonly associated with caffeinated beverages.

The key components in tea; Polyphenols, Theanine, Theogallin, essential oils and caffeine

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