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San Francisco's Heirloom Organic Tea Supplier

Five Mountains is San Francisco's heirloom organic tea importer, specializing in seasonally harvested heirloom organic tea from gardens of their provincial origins, promoting internationally certified organics, biodiverse growing, sustainable harvests and time-honored crafting. Five Mountains caters to establishments and individuals that care about quality ingredients, serving Michelin Star restaurants to local cafes, coffee and tea houses to corporate campuses and tea connoisseurs in general. As educators of tea culture and tradition we work closely with the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, the Guild of Sommeliers and various other institutions. Read below and visit the accolades page for a more detailed review.


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Five Mountains sources and houses many rare and unique teas not listed on this site,

if you are seeking a particular tea, call for a quote.



"Five Mountains' obsession with source origin heirloom varietals and traditional crafting techniques results in a purely unadulterated form that leaves you feeling as if it's the first time you've ever tasted tea." Ian Cauble

Master Somm, Court of Sommeliers

Jeunes Sommelier World Champion, Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

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    Biodiverse | Sustainable | Virgin

Organic Harvest

JadeLilyLeaf1a1a15 Mountains whole leaf teas are certified organic in the USA, EU and Japan. These teas are heirloom varieties meaning they are older traditional varieties and cultivars. Heirloom tea trees tend to be richer and more unique in flavor and have healthier attributes. They also live longer, enabling deeper reaching roots and broader limbs which absorb more beneficial nutrients. Our focus is on biodiversely grown and sustainably harvested teas. Our tea selections originate from either virgin forest, rainforest or provincial based varieties and cultivars. Our original tea garden come from the oldest tea-producing mountains in the world, along the legendary 30 degree parallel in the heart of South East Asia. We prefer to have tea grown from gardens in this area. The Broad Leaf species from this area contain the highest levels of polyphenolic antioxidants of all tea cultivars. These teas are hand harvested and crafted using ultra traditional techniques and vacuumed sealed, maximizing the freshness so they may fully express the nuanced characteristics of their terroir. view teas here


Tea-wareFiveMountainsHighMountainJadeLily1a & Service

Part of providing places with tea is assisting them in their service and preparation. We work with all establishments and their staff to ensure the tea can be prepared or sold in not only the best way possible but the most convenient for staff and owner. We also have a history working with the Culinary Institute of America and the Guild of Sommeliers, educating staff and students and promoting tea culture and assisting their tea training programs. As tea connoisseur we have used almost every device imaginable for making tea and in all kinds of applications. Our forte in tea goes beyond sourcing quality leaf and into the realm of wares and service and the ability to customize for individual needs. Five Mountain not only offers some of the best of tea-ware produced worldwide but hold patents for our own orignal designs.


Carbon Neutral Tea

We're proud to have co-created and be the first company to use 100% biodegradable and home-compostable CarbonNeutral whole leaf tea packaging. Choosing biodiverse gardens and organic teas ensures better environmental protection. We also pack in high barrier resealable kraft bags.



Tea Service

Tea works as a digestif, breath cleanser and leaves the body feeling rejuvenated. When serving tea, it is often the last thing someone enjoys, it is the final act, with a taste that lingers well after someone has left an establishment. It is common to see very fine cuisine paired with substandard tea. If a meal has been prepared using quality ingredients and great care, it makes sense to see it to completion, using organic whole leaf teas and effective tea-ware.



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